Cultivating a Supportive Community on Social Media for Your Wellness Brand

In the fast-paced digital landscape, social media has become a powerful platform for wellness brands to connect with their audience and cultivate a thriving community. By implementing effective strategies, you can create a space where individuals feel supported, inspired, and engaged. In this blog post, we will explore key strategies to build a genuine community […]

2023 Wellness Social Media Trends to Watch

In 2023, exciting trends are reshaping the way wellness brands connect with their audience. From immersive videos to authentic influencer partnerships, let’s explore the key wellness social media trends that have been redefining the digital landscape and can elevate your brand’s online presence. By staying informed about these 2023 wellness social media trends, you can […]

5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Wellness Brand

Social media marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for health and wellness brands to differentiate themselves and make a meaningful impact. Keep reading for 5 benefits of social media marketing for your wellness brand! In the crowded and competitive wellness industry, connecting with your target audience and standing out from the competition is essential. […]

How to Develop a Successful Social Media Strategy for Your Wellness Brand

A well-executed social media strategy is essential for health and wellness brands to connect with their target audience and establish a strong online presence. If you want to make a meaningful impact in the health and wellness industry, it’s crucial to develop a successful social media strategy. In this blog, we will guide you through […]

5 Tips for Successful Wellness Brand Social Media Marketing

Build Your Online Presence and Engage Your Audience with These Proven Wellness Brand Social Media Marketing Strategies. In today’s digital age, social media has become a critical component of any successful marketing strategy. For wellness brands in particular, social media offers a unique opportunity to build an online presence, connect with customers, and promote health […]

TikTok and Instagram Reels for Wellness Brands in 2022

Wellness Content on TikTok and Instagram Reels continues to explode with TikTok now becoming a platform that is impossible for wellness brands to ignore as we enter 2022. As an example, one of the top hashtags on TikTok currently is #SelfCareTips with over 132 million views (and counting). For a wellness brand, this is an incredible opportunity […]

Recognizing Cultures Behind Wellness Trends: Cultural Appreciation vs Appropriation

cultures behind wellness trends

“Wellness” has become a surging industry as consumers become more savvy with the ingredients they consume, products they utilize and how to best live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Many wellness products and practices are indeed rooted in cultural traditions which have been continuously passed down through generations and now shared widely today. For instance, […]

How To Use Data to Inform Social Content Strategy

influencer marketing for the holidays

Guest blog by Jimmy Kelly ___________________________________________________________________________ 7 Ways the Wellness Industry Can Leverage Data to Improve their Social Strategy In the highly competitive world of the wellness industry, capturing the attention of your brand’s audience can seem near impossible. The good news is 57% of consumers follow a brand on social media to stay informed […]

The Do’s and Dont’s of Social Media Marketing During Covid-19

Brands currently face extraordinary changes to their business during this global pandemic. Confronted with remarkable new challenges, many business owners are having to get creative with their social media marketing during COVID-19.  However, it is important to remember that consumers themselves are confronting their own personal struggles. Taking advantage of a crisis is not only […]

Leveling Up Your Clean Beauty Brand with Social Media Marketing

Social media and the natural beauty industry are a match made in heaven. In fact, natural beauty brands constitute some of the quickest growing active accounts in Instagram. And, not surprisingly, those are the same brands expanding their customer base with proven social marketing strategies and techniques. Enthusiatic, engaged followers that are highly receptive to […]

The Struggles of Marketing CBD Products in 2020

If you haven’t heard of it already, CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found within hemp. With hemp now legal in the United States thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, a new market has emerged and many companies are looking to promote their brands. But CBD brands are fighting an uphill battle to educate […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Post Performance

Guest Blog By Arvind Baliga, Founder of QMocha, an Instagram post performance and analytics platform that tracks 21 key content attributes such as best time to post, topics, colors, hashtags and emojis and provides your account a comprehensive report card. Receive 30% off when using our promo code SOCIALSTYLES30. (Note: this is an affiliate link […]

The Ultimate Social Media Audit for Refreshing Your Profiles Before the Holidays

When was the last time you updated your social media accounts? The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s important to make sure your social media accounts are up to date and ready for holiday promotions.  Outdated social media profiles can make your brand look inactive and unprofessional, which can hurt the image you’ve worked so […]

9 Realities of Running a Business as a Mompreneur

I want to start by saying I wouldn’t trade my daughter for the world. But there are days where it’s extremely challenging to be a mother and run a business. There will be times where you miss important calls, deadlines slip by, and you can’t wait to collapse on your bed and sleep. There are […]

7 Wellness Marketing Tips You Should Be Using in Your Instagram Strategy

How is your wellness brand using Instagram? Are you taking advantage of the explosive growth this social media network can offer? If you’re like most, maybe you make an occasional post here and there. But you should be focusing on Instagram more – a lot more. Instagram is one of the only social media networks […]

5 Wellness Trends That Need to Be On Your Radar in 2019 and Beyond

Every year, it seems something new dominates the wellness industry. With a continued focus on healthy, eco-friendly options, there is no shortage of ideas. Consumers today are increasingly aware of their health and actively seek out products and services that fit their values. The wellness industry caters to value-driven consumers who prioritize being aware and […]

Yoga for Entrepreneurial Success

Guest Blog By Tracy Scott, Founder and CEO of Tracy’s Gourmet® Tracy’s Gourmet® is a specialty foods company that is committed to making healthy, artisan foods that are flavorful and fun without compromise for a lifetime. We believe that natural and organic foods help improve and sustain the health and wellness of people and communities.  Yoga for […]

Is Our Entrepreneurial Wellness Sustainable?

Guest Blog By Tracy Scott, Founder and CEO of Tracy’s Gourmet® The death of Don Cornelius, American television show host and producer of Soul Train, Kate Spade, the fashion designer who co-founded fashion design house Kate Spade New York and Lowell Hawthorne, the founder and CEO of Caribbean restaurant Golden Krust, deeply saddened and had […]

2019 Holiday Social Media Marketing Ideas

The holidays bring a flurry of activity, excitement and stress. For business owners that frenzy is doubled while we decorate both our homes, alongside our websites and send out gifts to family alongside products to customers for their gift giving. We essentially have two holidays going on side by side. Seasoned business owners realize that […]

Get Inspired and Empowered with the Ladies of Her Soul Story [Podcast]

This one is for the ladies! We feel so inspired and empowered after our podcast interview with Tayne Griffin and Nicole Curtin of Her Soul Story. We talked about: What exactly is a “Soul Story” and how to you begin to create one Finding your true path and purpose Advice for women trying to reach […]

10 Important Instagram Failures to Avoid (Real Examples)

Each week we jump on free 30 minute social media strategy calls with potential clients to talk about their social accounts. Instagram tends to be a platform that gets a lot of focus and we’ve had the chance to see countless Instagram accounts (the good and the bad). Here are some of the most important (and […]

Before Getting Started on Social Media, Here’s What We Need from You

Your success, truly is our success. Since we want to have long-term working relationships with our clients, we want to make sure you have a clear understanding of what is required to be successful on social media. If you’ve spoken to us before then you know, there are so many initiatives that go into having […]

A Trip to the Guy and Girl Spa at the Mondrian South Beach

Recently Social Styles Marketing took a trip to the Guy and Girl Spa at the Mondrian in South Beach when we were offered to try their Chakra Harmony Massage. We used this as an opportunity to learn a bit more about chakras and their meaning so we could share some of our insights for those of […]

5 Wellness Brand Social Media Marketing Tips

There has been a ton of conversation surrounding the recent Facebook algorithm change, most of which has an air of panic mode and a hint of “the sky is falling”! We get it. It’s big news. (If you haven’t heard about the latest algorithm change, check out this live video from Social Media Examiner). The main […]

Increasing Sales with Pinterest for Your Lifestyle eCommerce Brand

Believe it or not, many agencies continue to argue against the value of Pinterest for the brands they represent. This is the default response for marketing professionals who haven’t adjusted their strategies to include the relatively young social network. It took two years from launch for Pinterest to go mainstream and when it did, it exploded […]

Social Media Marketing Tips to Try Right Now

Need a couple social media marketing tips to try this week? Get started below: Leverage Post Engagement Ads If you have Facebook post engagement ads running for your brand, it will show on each post on the Facebook page how many people ‘liked’ it. If you click on that link it will show each individual […]

Increasing Sales with Instagram for Your Lifestyle eCommerce Brand

Instagram is more than pretty pictures. With over 600 million active monthly users, Instagram holds endless possibilities for engaging your customer base. The Instagram engagement rate beats not only other social media channels, but also every other traffic source — including YouTube and email. Instagram’s phenomenal engagement rate doesn’t mean you can simply upload a […]

Increase Sales with Facebook for Your Lifestyle eCommerce Brand

For most eCommerce brands, developing a Facebook sales strategy ranks high on the list of marketing priorities. Facebook is the number one social platform for driving traffic and building an audience. How does a lifestyle eCommerce brand turn Facebook fans into repeat customers? Established lifestyle brands are experts in creating compelling and shareable content. They […]

Social Media’s Role in Multi-Channel Marketing

Today’s consumer has an unprecedented amount of brand-related user-generated content available to them. To an extent, the seller is no longer in control. We’ve all seen Mad Men, right? The old marketing model was advertising based. Corporations and ad-men sat around a conference table on Madison Avenue, chain smoking and sipping Scotch, deciding how to […]

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency vs. Freelancers

So you decided to step up your game and hire a freelancer instead of a marketing agency to manage your Facebook page. And your Twitter account. And your Instagram. And then you needed some web development work and a little SEO optimization… eCommerce… and then you branched out into Google AdWords… added weekly email campaigns… needed […]

Why Social Media Advertising Won’t Work for Your Business

Does Facebook advertising work? If you’re asking this question, chances are your business is experiencing one of three common marketing problems: a lag in sales, dipping site traffic, or a lack of engagement or ‘followers.’ You’d like to turn to social media advertising to address one or all of these problems, which often go hand-in-hand. […]

Avoid the Stock Photography Trap: Authentic Branding with Original Photography

Shown in action, Kate Oakley, our social media manager and owner of Adorned Photography, who does all of our client photo shoots Stock photography may appear to be a simple solution for your overall marketing strategy, but original photography goes a long way towards creating an authentic online presence for your brand development. Finding the […]

Do you Vlog? Amp Up Your Leads with Successful Video Blogs

As you’re probably well-aware of by now, blogging is a necessity when it comes to showing off your skill, building a steady client base, and voicing your brand. Adding pictures, quotes, and fancy bullets are excellent attention-grabbers. But have you thought about blogging videos? You might have seen others dabble in this endeavor and this […]

Time Wasting Marketing Mistakes

You may have owned your business for 10 years or just put that “open” sign in the window, either way, there are a few key factors to drawing in and retaining clients. Wouldn’t you love to double your leads in one month? Or get exceptional client feedback that leaves a lasting impression? Before you ask Google for […]

5 Tips to Increase Website Traffic This Month

Getting people to your website is one of the most important objectives of your online marketing initiatives. Obviously converting those visitors is equally important, but let’s say you have amazing things on your site but no one is coming—or you’d like to see a big jump in the number of people who are actually visiting […]