What to Expect

Social Media Marketing Strategy Call Outline

Our social media marketing strategy call won’t allow us to outline an in depth social media marketing plan but we like to make our calls as productive as possible. We want this call to be unique to your brand and to provide insights that will be helpful. 


  • We spend the first few minutes saying hello and learning a bit about you, along with telling you a bit about how our day is going. 🙂
  • Next, we’ll ask for a little background on your brand and any of our questions that popped up as we were researching your brand.
  • We’ll then run through our suggestions that we think would make a big difference in meeting your brand’s goals. Please make sure to specify these goals when booking your call. Feel free to also jot down any of your own specific questions for us to tackle on the call.. 
  • Lastly, if you’re interested, we can put together a proposal with some of the suggestions we outlined. This proposal will include both service and cost breakdown. For an overview, you can view our pricing page

If you have any additional questions about our free 30 minute social media marketing strategy call, feel free to shoot us a message at hello@socialstylesmarketing.com. Looking forward to chatting!