Wellness Social Media Content + Marketing Pricing

Social media marketing pricing is unique to each brand and their available marketing budget. We customize our monthly services to meet the needs of our clients. However, we wanted to provide some information on our pricing to help you during you agency research process. 

Client Minimum: 1K Per Month

Average Full-Service Client Monthly Retainer: 2K-3K

Most Popular Service: Content Creation + Social Media Management. See below for some example client pricing packages:

Example Client Package #1

Dedicated Account Executive + Social Media Manager

3 Posts Per Week on Facebook and Instagram with up to 1 graphically designed post per week

Engagement + Community Management, 

Influencer Marketing, 4 hours per month

Content strategy + marketing calendar

Detailed monthly reporting

Total Monthly Investment: $2,475

Example Client Package #2:

*Instagram Only

5 Posts Per Week on Instagram with up to 2 graphically designed posts per week 

Instagram Stories, 2 Times Per Week

Influencer Marketing, 4 Hours Per Month

No matter what content plan we customize for you, we will always create on-brand social media content that speaks to your target audience and highlights what makes your product or service so unique. We schedule all content, research the most effective hashtags, design graphics/GIFs, curate images and make sure it follows our content strategy. Your social stylist researches your niche and develops a customized social media marketing plan that appeals to your customers and helps you grow your brand. This plan includes the types of content, proposed posting schedules, potential influencer outreach, and other strategies that focus on both organic and paid growth.

If you’d like to chat more, schedule a call below or e-mail us at hello@socialstylesmarketing.com