Creating a ‘styled’ social account with stand-out content that sets a brand a part is what sets Social Styles a part from “just another social media marketing agency”. Just as a stylist would determine the best look for their client, we want to reflect a brand’s style via social media, working to interpret their vision, providing insights and executing exceptional social content.

Social Styles Marketing specializes in social media marketing for wellness clients. We are a boutique marketing firm of “social media stylists” who help style a brand’s social presence. We believe that the digital image you present to the world should be the same as how you design your home or your fashion sense. We love discovering and creating sleek, beautiful and unique content that reflects your business. Our passion for polished and imaginative creatives keeps our team energized and inspired.


  • Our niche focus on the wellness space allows us to have a deep understanding of the wellness consumer and what content and messaging will appeal to them
  • You won’t need to educate us on the difference between Organic or All Natural, the concept of mindfulness or the latest wellness trends. Instead, you can simply bring us up to speed on how your brand is enriching the wellness space.
  • We are rooted in the wellness industry and continuously come in contact with wellness influencers, brands and industry experts, where we often find collaboration synergy.
  • Promoting wellness brands is what we’re passionate about about and all that we do. We don’t do social media marketing for brands that we can’t get behind in terms of their ethics, sustainability policies, ingredients or mission. There is continuity to our work where we are constantly immersed in the world of wellness.
  • Much like the brands we work with, we are a mission driven brand which goes beyond simply receiving a pay check. We are all striving towards a common goal of creating a healthier world and we want to help the brands we represent make their mark in this space which in turn, helps us make our own mark. We are on a much larger mission of promoting “health + wellness” and we do that by promoting the brands we choose to align with, ones we know will make a difference and contribute to this larger objective.


About us

Social Styles Marketing is a boutique social media marketing agency that works exclusively with lifestyle and health + wellness brands.

We love working with inspiring brands to create sleek, beautiful, and unique content that reflects the values that define your brand.