Before Getting Started on Social Media, Here’s What We Need from You

Your success, truly is our success. Since we want to have long-term working relationships with our clients, we want to make sure you have a clear understanding of what is required to be successful on social media.

If you’ve spoken to us before then you know, there are so many initiatives that go into having a strong social media presence. This can include everything from budget to content and frequency of posting to the other marketing initiatives you have running beyond social media.

Below are some really important items to nail down before getting started on social media and that will make sure our efforts are effective.

Home Work 🙂

  • Create a Sales Strategy where social media is only one component of that strategy. See our blog: “What’s Your Sales Strategy? Hint: Don’t just rely on social media marketing“.
  • Have a folder of unique lifestyle imagery for your brand. We provide social media photo shoots if that’s something you need help with or you can find your own photographer or DIY your imagery. While we can create branded graphics, post secured influencer collaborations and curate imagery it is essential to have original imagery (especially on Instagram). We provide all of our clients with imagery direction to make sure it’s in line with the eye-catching social presence we’d like to create. You can also read our blog on how to Avoid the Stock Photography Trap: Authentic Branding with Original Photography.
  • Create a Brand Deck. Know the colors and fonts that are important to your brand, along with tone of voice and what sets your brand a part. If you need help on the branding side, we can help (again, before getting started on social)
  • Make Sure Your Website is Ready to Receive Visitors. You wouldn’t send people to a local business during construction so don’t send traffic to a website that more than likely won’t convert due to odd formatting or inability to complete purchases. Remember, most of the traffic we send via social will be coming from mobile so make sure your site is optimized to receive that traffic.
  • Get house keeping items out of the way to cut down on our setup times:
    • Make sure you have a Privacy Policy setup on your site if we will be running Facebook lead ads
    • Compile any customer lists if you have them so we can create Facebook Lookalike audiences

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