TikTok and Instagram Reels for Wellness Brands in 2022

Wellness Content on TikTok and Instagram Reels continues to explode with TikTok now becoming a platform that is impossible for wellness brands to ignore as we enter 2022. As an example, one of the top hashtags on TikTok currently is #SelfCareTips with over 132 million views (and counting). For a wellness brand, this is an incredible opportunity to provide relevant and relatable content that people are actively consuming in order to bring attention to their brand and grow their brand’s audience.

Many wellness brands are asking how they can participate in this short-form video surge, primarily from a technical standpoint in terms of content creation. Below are two options for creating content for TikTok and Instagram Reels for Wellness Brands in 2022.

1.) Partner with Influencers to Create Tik Tok Content for Your Brand

This can be a very effective strategy for a brand as you will be partnering with a creator who already knows the type of content that will appeal to a TikTok audience. In fact, you can follow a strategy like Reflectly whose TikTok content is 100% created by influencers. Reflectly has an influencer “take over” their account and post 11 videos. The influencer then posts a final good-bye video for that 11th video and Reflectly then starts the process over again with their next influencer take-over. For each new influencer take-over, they update their bio with who is currently taking over the account.

While this is incredibly powerful, please keep in mind that you will absolutely need to have an influencer budget when asking influencers to create short-form video content. The budget will be dependent on the number of followers the influencer has and the number of videos you would like them to create. For our clients who are doing influencer marketing, we can reach out to influencers to try to source short-form content, including TikTok take-overs. Budgets range widely based on the product itself, the type of audience we are trying to reach, the influencer and the scope of the project. For clients who may not have any idea of what their budget should look like for these type of collaborations, we suggest casting a wide net during our first batch of outreach so that we can determine budget trends based on responses from our influencer outreach. 

2.) Create Original Video Content 

Graphically based/slideshow style TikTok content (and IG Reels for that matter) do not perform well. People want to see real videos shared by real people. The positive to this is that you don’t need to be a professional videographer in order to have a presence on TikTok. On the other side, you do need to be able to put in the work in order to be successful with short-form video.

There are several ways to leverage original content when working with our agency:

a.) Submit your video clips in order for us to piece together a compelling 15-20 second video.

b.) Provide your product to us and we can create video content (as part of an original TikTok content package), just as we would a static post. Keep in mind that we are not professional videographers and therefore, the content we are creating is meant to be in-line with the type of content being uploaded to TikTok and Instagram Reels. Also, as a default, we do not feature any people within our content. If you or your Social Media Manager deem people in your content to be an important strategy, we would need to source models to feature which would be an additional cost to consider.

You can focus primarily on influencer content versus original content or you can have a combination of the two depending on resources. 

Instagram and TikTok Influencer Budget Ranges

Influencers rates are heavily impacted by follower counts, however, please use that as a starting guide and pay greater attention to the engagement rate of the influencer and if the content aligns with your brand voice and aesthetic. Influencer followers are broken up into the tiers:

Nano (1-10K)
Micro (10K-50K)
Mid-Tier (50-500K)
Macro (500K-1M)
Mega (1M+)

Here are the average associated payments per post based on the above tiers:

Nano (1-10K)
Instagram: $10-$100
TikTok: $5-$25

Micro (10K-50K)
Instagram: $100-$500
TikTok: $25-$125

Mid-Tier (50-500K)
Instagram: $500-$5000
TikTok: $125-$1250

Macro (500K-1M)

Instagram: $5,000-$10,000
TikTok: $1250-$2500

Mega (1M+)
Instagram: $10,000+ 
TikTok: $2500+

Keep in mind that these are just average, “across the board” numbers and do not take into account a plethora of factors which is why the ranges are so wide. You will only know where you fall within this range by actually reaching out to influencers to gain their feedback regarding your brand. 

So Where Should I Allocate My Influencer Marketing Budget? Instagram or TikTok?

It depends. From a strategy perspective, TikTok is a huge opportunity but as with everything in marketing, it is important to test both platforms for your unique brand in regards to influencer collaborations. Instagram is obviously the OG and houses the most influencers, however, TikTok is the rising star and requires a lower influencer collaboration budget. The most important factor for brands though will be which platform generates them the most eyeballs on their content, along with engagement. For those metrics, we need to test both platforms in order to inform decisions regarding influencer marketing budget allocation.

Below are some examples of Wellness TikTok content which again can be executed by influencers, your team (where we put the video together), or by our team from start to finish.

Self Care



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There is no denying that TikTok and Instagram Reels for Wellness Brands in 2022 will continue to be a rising trend.

If you are interested in talking about a unique TikTok strategy for your brand, schedule a call and let’s chat! 

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