Health + Wellness Social Media Marketing

Founded in 2015, Social Styles Marketing was one of the first agencies to focus on the wellness space, before the term became a buzz word and major brands started to participate within the industry. For us, non-toxic products and brands that support one’s mind and body, along with the planet we share have always been a priority. Supporting brands with a similar mission to our own was important from our inception, far before consumer dollars accelerated the decision for brands (and agencies) to engage in this space. 

Social Styles Marketing is a boutique social media marketing agency that works exclusively with health and wellness brands.

We love working with inspiring brands to create sleek, beautiful, and unique content that reflects the values that define your brand. Learn more by scheduling 30 minutes to chat about your social strategy. 


  • We only work with health and wellness brands
  • We know the industry terms and understand your target audience
  • We are well connected with influencers and industry experts
  • We only work with brands that we can get behind
  • We are passionate about our mission to create a better world.