7 Wellness Marketing Tips You Should Be Using in Your Instagram Strategy

How is your wellness brand using Instagram? Are you taking advantage of the explosive growth this social media network can offer? If you’re like most, maybe you make an occasional post here and there. But you should be focusing on Instagram more – a lot more.

Instagram is one of the only social media networks where you can still grow organically. That alone is one of the main reasons why your wellness brand needs to develop the right Instagram strategy. Developing a following on Instagram isn’t easy, but when done properly, it’s extremely effective.

Okay, but how do I get more out of Instagram for my wellness brand?

The beautiful thing about Instagram is that you can use it to reach your target audience relatively easily. Here are a few proven tips that you can use to grow your Instagram following.

1. Focus on Community Management and Engagement


Your success on Instagram relies on your ability to engage with your community. An active and engaged community is like free advertisement for your brand.

Think of hashtags like mini communities. Each hashtag has a specific purpose and covers a distinct genre of content. You can use relevant hashtags to engage with your target customers.

Here are a few tricks:

  • Only post on hashtags that are relevant to your marketing goals.
  • When you post something, take the time to write a meaningful reply to comments. Your responses need to be genuine. Robotic replies are obvious and will only damage your brand.
  • Don’t be afraid to engage with other users that post and comment on hashtags you are watching. This can land you new followers and customers.

The more you manage your community and engage with them, the more real your brand appears. This positive exposure can also lead to further marketing opportunities as loyal customers start posting pictures of your products and tagging you.

2. Be Genuine + Transparent

Look, most people know companies are using Instagram to advertise. Paid ads are everywhere on the Internet. That’s why it’s important that you act genuine and transparent in your Instagram content. Your customers likely know why you’re posting, but authentic content can still be interesting.

Wellness consumers are more educated than ever. The questionable claims companies used to make no longer work. The average consumer will see through them, and at worst, they may even call you out on them.

Stick to your core values and what makes your brand special. These subtle motivations are the reasons why you started your business in the first place. Your customers don’t want to see constant advertisements. They want to follow brands they believe are different. A little genuineness can go a long way to helping you build your reputation.

3. Use Call to Actions (CTAs)

All of your content should have some type of CTA in them. CTAs tell your customers what action they should take. They may encourage a customer to sign up for an event, to leave their email for promotions, or to purchase a product that’s on sale.

Why should you use CTAs?

  • They can be upfront or subtle. You can include CTAs either in the visual part of your post or the body paragraphs of it.
  • They can improve your conversion rates. CTAs are direct and compel a customer to act. This can lead to additional sales or conversions.
  • They allow you to track a campaign’s success. You can use specialized discount codes and other tracking systems in your CTAs. This makes them an easy way to measure the success of a campaign.
  • They let you A/B test ideas. Try testing different CTAs to see which one resonates for your wellness brand.

Even though wellness marketing focuses on healthiness and ethics, you can still get a lot of value out of CTAs.

4. Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are an easy way to create visual content that your fans will love. It’s no secret that humans love visual content. Just ask the average person if they’d rather read or watch Game of Thrones. The answer won’t be that surprising.

Stories allow you to promote your products and services using videos and other stimulating content.

But why should you focus on them?

  • Stories appear at the top of your follower’s timelines. They are far more visible than traditional posts.
  • You can use them to capture quick updates. Your other content may be high-quality and curated. Stories allow you to provide behind-the-scenes updates and snapshots into what’s going on.
  • They allow you to experiment with new ideas. Stories disappear after 24 hours. This makes them a useful avenue for testing new types of content.
  • You can get creative using face filters, text, and stickers. Your average posts may perform well, but Stories let you show a little personality in your posts.
  • It’s one of the best methods for reaching out to influencers. You can tag other accounts on Stories, making it a great tool for influencer wellness marketing.

5. Create a Stunning Profile

Your Instagram profile says a lot about your brand. And while that may seem crazy given that it’s only a few hundred characters, it’s certainly true.

What does a winning profile look like?

That’s going to depend on your wellness marketing goals. You usually want to display your unique selling proposition (USP), a few relevant hashtags, and mention any major news involving your company.

Here’s an idea to consider…

You may list a sign up link to a major event if you’re looking to generate some buzz. Anyone who visits your profile will automatically see that information. Don’t be afraid to use your profile for exposure. Just make sure it’s not overly spammy and that the information you provide is related to your brand goals.

6. Collaborate and Cross-Promote

We’re not suggesting you openly advertise for your competition, but a little collaboration is a good thing.

When making posts, feel free to mention other brands that fit the content you’re posting. That other brand may not reply to you, but your mention will put your brand in front of their customers.

Another proven wellness marketing strategy is to partner up with other compatible brands to cross-promote each other. This is an easy way for you to land new followers, show potential customers that you exist, and to allow you to back other causes that align with your brand’s values.

7. Apply Traditional Marketing Strategies

Traditional marketing strategies still work on Instagram. Why do you think so many brands leverage exclusivity, scarcity, and other marketing tactics?

There’s nothing wrong with creating exclusive content for Instagram. The idea is to reward your Instagram followers for their loyalty. This could include creating special discounts for Instagram followers, announcing a short-term sale through the platform, or something similar.

Whether you like it or not, scarcity is one of the most effective marketing tactics. Don’t be afraid to use it to your advantage. Just make sure to keep your marketing strategies in line with your brand’s values.

Simply put – don’t forget about your core values on the path to success.

Ready to Kickstart Your Instagram Wellness Marketing Strategy?

Instagram is an essential part of wellness marketing. All the best wellness brands are growing their brands on this platform. Getting started on Instagram isn’t hard if you are committed to following the tips we’ve provided.

Still feeling overwhelmed?

You’re not alone. Many businesses dread the idea of social media marketing.

Social Styles can help you develop an Instagram wellness marketing strategy, implement it, and execute it.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with a member of the Social Styles team today to see how you can use Instagram to grow your wellness brand.

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