[Podcast] Interview with Wellness Content Creator for My Vegan Daily + CEO of Mind Body Expo

We recently sat down with Emilia Lujan, a wellness content creator for My Vegan Daily and the CEO of MindBody Expo to chat about veganism, the wellness industry and content creation.

Social Styles Marketing recently partnered with Emilia and MindBody Expo as a sponsor, spreading the message about this mission driven event and teaming up to work with the brands we love the most! As part of our partnership, we will also be working with Lynn University students to mentor them on how to promote healthy and sustainable living through online platforms and physical events.

Emilia is all about inspiring individuals to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle through both My Vegan Daily, an online conscious community and MindBody Expo, an event driven organization which showcases progressive and conscious businesses. We are so in sync and aligned with Emilia in terms of our love for the wellness industry, along with her unique perspective on content creation within this space. We are so excited to have partnered with Emilia to further our shared mission!

Having grown an audience on the foundation of her passion for a vegan lifestyle, Emilia provides some key insights on promoting a wellness brand on social media including:

  • What Helped Her Grow the My Vegan Daily Audience (Even when she didn’t love to post on social media herself or being in front of the camera)
  • Advice for Getting Started with Content Creation
  • Why She Loves Ugly By Nature’s Instagram Account
  • Why You Need to “Sell Your Message, Not Just Your Product”

Check out the podcast below!


Initially inspired by her father, a triathlete, Emilia is so passionate about adopting a healthy lifestyle in order to heal our temple (our bodies). She talks about how this lifestyle can radiate through so many other aspects of your life, not just your personal health. When asked about why she decided to adopt a vegan diet, Emilia said “If you’re going to do something for the planet, it might as well be something well- rounded so I decided to go for veganism”. 

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