Time Wasting Marketing Mistakes

You may have owned your business for 10 years or just put that “open” sign in the window, either way, there are a few key factors to drawing in and retaining clients. Wouldn’t you love to double your leads in one month? Or get exceptional client feedback that leaves a lasting impression? Before you ask Google for help, avoid these misleading and often time-wasting marketing mistakes that can be detrimental to your business.

Mistake #1 – Now Knowing Your Audience

One big mistake that tends to lead you down a rabbit hole is being unfamiliar with who you are actually targeting. You need to be able to answer the question: “who am I trying to reach”? Are they women over 50? Are they single parents, business owners or both? Narrow down and know your audience so you aren’t wasting valuable time appealing to an audience who isn’t right for your products or services.

Mistake #2 – Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!

When you get something for free or for “cheap” you are accepting that the value of the product that you are receiving may be less than it’s worth. While you can for sure do some DIY marketing, important elements will always arise where finding a quality web designer, graphic artist or marketer will be an indispensable asset. For instance, you certainly might get lucky with a junior graphic artist who creates the perfect logo for you (hey, it happened for Nike) but this important branding element may require a talented designer with higher rates to understand your vision. You may find also that you can create a simple blog style website but that you eventually need a web developer who can implement an e-mail sign-up or help chat tab. Finally, you may be able to get up a simple Facebook ad but eventually you might want to contact a marketing team who can help you create a higher converting lookalike ad. Hiring the right professional can help you effectively implement an aspect of your marketing campaign, while also allowing you to focus on the business itself.

Mistake #3 – Lack of a Business Plan

You may have a grasp on your target audience with the products and services that will appeal to and benefit them — but absolutely no plan in place. Lack of a solid and detailed business plan that incorporates your marketing strategy can not only waste tons of time but also puts your business at risk for staying sedentary or closing its doors. You only have a handful of moments to make your impression last and it starts with a well-thought out plan from start to finish, from the beginning of your work day to the very end of the week.

You don’t have to be every part business, you just need to focus on your business. Collaborate with other professionals who can help bring you front and center with marketing, revamp your voice with branding consultation, create an eye-catching logo or create the perfect website.

If you need help on the marketing side or just have some marketing questions, feel free to reach out!

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