2019 Holiday Social Media Marketing Ideas

The holidays bring a flurry of activity, excitement and stress. For business owners that frenzy is doubled while we decorate both our homes, alongside our websites and send out gifts to family alongside products to customers for their gift giving. We essentially have two holidays going on side by side. Seasoned business owners realize that in order to both maximize their potential return during the holidays but also enjoy this time of year it is important to have a holiday social media marketing plan.

Here are some 2019 holiday social media marketing plan ideas to consider for your strategy.

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Holiday Live Party

Allow your audience to get a glimpse into your brand’s holiday spirit. Host a holiday live party which your audience can virtually attend, show an employee volunteer day live in action or have a live office tree lighting. Since the holidays is about more to people than just gift giving, this campaign will help humanize you in the eyes of your audience and show that you understand the magic and true meaning of the holidays, beyond just the sale of your products and services.

Customer’s Wish List/List to Santa

OK so while we know that gift giving isn’t the most important part of the holidays, there is a certain elation that comes with seeing wrapped gifts from loved ones. That excitement never truly leaves us as we enter adulthood. For a fun holiday campaign, allow customers to submit their holiday wish list (you can specify how many products etc.) and pick 1 (or more!) to have the products on their list sent to them! Here are some examples of entry options:

-Upload your list to Instagram with #YourCampaignHashtag and comment on our contest below with one friend who would love our brand!

-Send people to a landing page where they would need to enter their e-mail in order to upload their list (keep in mind, when an e-mail is involved, it is a much bigger ask which means that the product offering must be valuable enough to warrant someone giving that information).

holiday social media marketing

Holiday Instagram Takeover

Partner with an influencer where they do an Instagram takeover of your brand’s Instagram account. Oftentimes, it is easier to tap into existing influencer relations and reach out to influencers you’ve already partnered with in the past.

Show influencers getting ready for the holidays which would eventually include a placement of your product (wrapping it as a gift, placing it on a holiday table etc.).

Instagram Story Discounts

Excite your customers with daily or weekly deals and promotions throughout the holiday season. Some popular additions would be:

-Free shipping

This is always a popular offering. Remember Amazon built an entire service around shipping which shows just how powerful this incentive is to consumers. Another important question to answer for your audience when promoting this incentive is, “Can I get it in time for Christmas” for those who celebrate. 

-A site wide discount (ex. 20% off EVERYTHING today only!)

-A featured discounted product (only for that day)

What holiday marketing initiatives will you be trying this year? What to talk through it with us and get some feedback? Scroll to the bottom of our holiday marketing package page to schedule a free 30 minute call: https://socialstylesmarketing.com/holiday-social-media-marketing-package/

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