5 Tips for Successful Wellness Brand Social Media Marketing

Build Your Online Presence and Engage Your Audience with These Proven Wellness Brand Social Media Marketing Strategies. In today’s digital age, social media has become a critical component of any successful marketing strategy. For wellness brands in particular, social media offers a unique opportunity to build an online presence, connect with customers, and promote health […]

How To Use Data to Inform Social Content Strategy

influencer marketing for the holidays

Guest blog by Jimmy Kelly ___________________________________________________________________________ 7 Ways the Wellness Industry Can Leverage Data to Improve their Social Strategy In the highly competitive world of the wellness industry, capturing the attention of your brand’s audience can seem near impossible. The good news is 57% of consumers follow a brand on social media to stay informed […]

7 Wellness Marketing Tips You Should Be Using in Your Instagram Strategy

How is your wellness brand using Instagram? Are you taking advantage of the explosive growth this social media network can offer? If you’re like most, maybe you make an occasional post here and there. But you should be focusing on Instagram more – a lot more. Instagram is one of the only social media networks […]

Social Media’s Role in Multi-Channel Marketing

Today’s consumer has an unprecedented amount of brand-related user-generated content available to them. To an extent, the seller is no longer in control. We’ve all seen Mad Men, right? The old marketing model was advertising based. Corporations and ad-men sat around a conference table on Madison Avenue, chain smoking and sipping Scotch, deciding how to […]

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency vs. Freelancers

So you decided to step up your game and hire a freelancer instead of a marketing agency to manage your Facebook page. And your Twitter account. And your Instagram. And then you needed some web development work and a little SEO optimization… eCommerce… and then you branched out into Google AdWords… added weekly email campaigns… needed […]

Why Social Media Advertising Won’t Work for Your Business

Does Facebook advertising work? If you’re asking this question, chances are your business is experiencing one of three common marketing problems: a lag in sales, dipping site traffic, or a lack of engagement or ‘followers.’ You’d like to turn to social media advertising to address one or all of these problems, which often go hand-in-hand. […]

Avoid the Stock Photography Trap: Authentic Branding with Original Photography

Shown in action, Kate Oakley, our social media manager and owner of Adorned Photography, who does all of our client photo shoots Stock photography may appear to be a simple solution for your overall marketing strategy, but original photography goes a long way towards creating an authentic online presence for your brand development. Finding the […]

Do you Vlog? Amp Up Your Leads with Successful Video Blogs

As you’re probably well-aware of by now, blogging is a necessity when it comes to showing off your skill, building a steady client base, and voicing your brand. Adding pictures, quotes, and fancy bullets are excellent attention-grabbers. But have you thought about blogging videos? You might have seen others dabble in this endeavor and this […]

Time Wasting Marketing Mistakes

You may have owned your business for 10 years or just put that “open” sign in the window, either way, there are a few key factors to drawing in and retaining clients. Wouldn’t you love to double your leads in one month? Or get exceptional client feedback that leaves a lasting impression? Before you ask Google for […]