Weekly Marketing Challenge: Setup a Facebook Lookalike Ad

This week’s weekly marketing challenge is to setup a Facebook Lookalike Ad to drive people to your website, offer or product. What is a Facebook Lookalike Ad you ask? Essentially, you can upload your current client list or subscribers and then Facebook will create as close of a match to that audience as possible (hence the name lookalike audience) for you to target. BOOM! Mind blown? Here’s a general outline for how to set up your first lookalike ad:

1.) Login to Your Facebook Ad Account

2.) Go to “Audiences”

3.) “Create Audience” and select “Custom Audience” (NOT Lookalike Audience yet as we will create that from the custom audience).

4.) Follow the prompts to upload your current client list. You can also do several custom audiences so maybe one for current clients, previous clients and then one for leads (if you’re in a service business) or all 3 as one custom audience.

5.) Once your custom audience is ready, you will then go back to “Create Audience” and select “Lookalike Audience” in order to create a lookalike version to that custom audience. You again can create a lookalike audience for each of your created custom audiences.

6.) Setup your ad. You can now create a Facebook ad as you normally would but making sure to select your lookalike audience in the “Audience” section at the top. You can always add further targeting in terms of demographics etc. but I recommend doing several small budget test ads targeting your lookalike audience generally for one and then several others layering in some other demographics.

Make sure that you including an engaging image and content as finding your potential customer doesn’t mean much if they quickly scroll down from your ad. Targeting is not enough. It needs to be in collaboration with quality and interesting content. Give some thought to it. What would catch your attention? What problem are you solving?

Feel free to comment any questions below. Need some help setting up your lookalike ad or just want us to do it for you? Contact us!

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