Increasing Sales with Pinterest for Your Lifestyle eCommerce Brand

Believe it or not, many agencies continue to argue against the value of Pinterest for the brands they represent. This is the default response for marketing professionals who haven’t adjusted their strategies to include the relatively young social network. It took two years from launch for Pinterest to go mainstream and when it did, it exploded […]

Increase Sales with Facebook for Your Lifestyle eCommerce Brand

For most eCommerce brands, developing a Facebook sales strategy ranks high on the list of marketing priorities. Facebook is the number one social platform for driving traffic and building an audience. How does a lifestyle eCommerce brand turn Facebook fans into repeat customers? Established lifestyle brands are experts in creating compelling and shareable content. They […]

Social Media’s Role in Multi-Channel Marketing

Today’s consumer has an unprecedented amount of brand-related user-generated content available to them. To an extent, the seller is no longer in control. We’ve all seen Mad Men, right? The old marketing model was advertising based. Corporations and ad-men sat around a conference table on Madison Avenue, chain smoking and sipping Scotch, deciding how to […]