What is your preferred day-to-day method of contact?


    Aside from our monthly marketing phone call and any as-needed phone communication, what is your preferred method for communication on a day to day basis?

    Social media management should be a collaborative process in order to achieve the most benefit. We can share files through Dropbox/Google Drive. Content such as stories, pictures and videos always work well. Imagery can come from influencer collaborations and graphics we create. However, in addition, it is very helpful to have original + branded lifestyle imagery. We can direct you on imagery you can take with your camera phone or you can schedule a photo shoot with us! Interested in why original imagery versus utilizing stock photography is so important? Check out this blog: https://socialstylesmarketing.com/brand-strategy-authentic-branding-original-photography/

    In order to have a successful social media presence, we highly suggest having a well-rounded marketing strategy on and off line. Please give us an overall idea of the additional marketing efforts you are working on/investing in. These other components could include offline events, public relations, search engine optimization, Google Adwords, traditional advertising etc. Here is some more information on social media's role in multi-channel marketing: https://socialstylesmarketing.com/whats-your-sales-strategy-hint-dont-just-rely-on-social-media-marketing/

    Would you like to receive our suggestions for imagery or video content (if we are not doing this for you)?

    Send me a copy of my responses.