30 Minute Social Media Marketing Strategy Call

social media strategy call

Creating a styled social account with stand-out content that sets your brand a part is what sets Social Styles a part from other social media marketing agencies. Delve into your brand below so we can truly understand what makes you unique. Once we’ve had a chance to go over all your responses below, we’ll come up with social media marketing suggestions that can help your brand grow. We will then reach out via e-mail to let you know our next open 30 minute strategy call slots.

  • We utilize GA for our monthly reports and you will need to have your web developer add Google Analytics on the back end of your site. We will then need access to the GA account.
  • Interested in why original imagery versus utilizing stock photography is so important? Check out this blog: http://socialstylesmarketing.com/brand-strategy-authentic-branding-original-photography/
  • In order to have a successful social media presence, we highly suggest having a well-rounded marketing strategy on and off line. Please give us an overall idea of the additional marketing efforts you are working on/investing in. These other components could include offline events, public relations, search engine optimization, Google Adwords, traditional advertising etc. Here is some more information on social media's role in multi-channel marketing: http://socialstylesmarketing.com/social-media-multi-channel-marketing/
  • You can find our pricing at www.socialstylesmarketing.com/pricing, this helps us determine which elements you should focus on to stay within your budget.

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“Your social stylists: styling every aspect of your social presence. We communicate your “social style” which reflects who you are and what is important to you.”