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Style Your Brand with a Social Media Stylist. Social Styles Marketing specializes in wellness brand social media marketing.  Creating a ‘styled’ social account with stand-out content that sets a brand a part is what sets Social Styles a part from “just another social media marketing agency”. See our pricing catalog below for our current social media marketing pricing options; we can customize any plan to your brand’s unique needs. If you have questions, give us a call at (561) 235-2588 or send an e-mail to 

What's Included in a Social Media Content and Management Package

We offer 2 social media post frequency options, either daily content which would be 7 days/week + 365 days/year or 3 times per week. Obviously the more you post on social media, the more opportunity you have to get your brand in front of your audience and it also works positively in your favor in terms of Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm (i.e. your ads can perform better, you can have a higher organic reach etc.). It is important to note that frequent content is important but it also has to be engaging content; so throwing up a stock photo every day without any copy will not only be a waste of your time but will actively decrease your reach (again, the all powerful algorithm).

We offer both of these frequencies as daily is optimal but 3 posts per week is the sweet spot you need to stay at for your profiles to be deemed active. For 3X/week, we focus on the most optimal days which oftentimes ends up being Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Our content packages aren’t just about individual posts; we create marketing strategies, send monthly reports, present social media opportunities to you and we’re always trying to determine the best way for you to stand out on social and get in front of your audience. We also make sure to respond to any genuine comments (i.e. not bot comments), along with any DMs or Facebook messages (up to 2 hours/month). We generally suggest partnering with a VA or utilizing a VA tool like Popmatic (that complies with Instagram’s Terms of Services) to focus on liking and commenting. While we could do that on our end, we feel that you can put our expertise (and hourly rate) to better use.

We like to balance our content between lifestyle imagery and videos, graphically designed posts and GIFs, influencer posts showcasing your brand (see influencer outreach service detail below) and curated imagery where applicable. For graphic design, our daily content packages include up to 3 graphically designed posts/week and for our 3X/week content packages, up to 1 graphically designed post per week.

Along with content creation, we require all clients to run Facebook ads; since Facebook organic reach has gone below 2% and will most likely decrease from there, putting content up on Facebook without ads does not serve you.

Our add-on services which most clients participate in either from the start or will add on as we go are: influencer marketing, blog writing and graphically designed newsletters.

Influencer outreach is incredibly important to help our clients build brand awareness, get in front of a similar audience and also to build up their imagery bank. We reach out to influencers that we feel would be a match for each individual brand, secure potential partnerships and facilitate the process until the collaboration has been completed. You can set how many collaborations you would like to take part in and whether you are wiling to do only product-trades (influencer promotes your brand in exchange for product) or if you have  a budget. Keep in mind that larger influencers will expect compensation but there are many influencers who are willing to do product-trade posts while building their following.

Blog writing is important to have content on your site (where you would like to pull people back to) and also helps your site’s SEO byt producing consistent content with important keywords to your audience.

Graphically designed newsletters are generally either bi-weekly or monthly. E-mail is still a very powerful tool to engage with your audience and we create an engaging newsletter, both visually and in terms of the content.

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