About Social Styles Marketing

About Social Styles Marketing

Wellness Brand Social Media Marketing

Creating a ‘styled’ social account with stand-out content that sets a brand a part is what sets Social Styles a part from “just another social media marketing agency”. Just as a stylist would determine the best look for their client, we want to reflect a brand’s style via social media, working to interpret their vision, providing insights and executing exceptional social content.  

Social Styles Marketing specializes in wellness brand social media marketing. We are a boutique marketing firm of “social media stylists” who help style a brand’s social presence. We believe that the digital image you present to the world should be the same as how you design your home or your fashion sense. We love discovering and creating sleek, beautiful and unique content that reflects your business. Our passion for polished and imaginative creatives keeps our team energized and inspired.

How It All Started

“I always have my ‘marketing brain’ on. I am the person watching a parade considering the ROI on a festival float or wondering why blue signage signals trust more than a vibrant red (both real conversations I recently had). I can quite literally drive my family and friends nuts with my marketing mind…but not my clients.

I created Social Styles out of a need to really dive into projects I was passionate about with a team who was equally excited to wake up each day and get to do what we love. Having obtained a degree in Marketing and Communications and held marketing agency and Director of Marketing roles, I was ready to bring my expertise (and also what I wanted to do differently) to brands I wanted to partner with and get behind.

I initially started freelancing in 2015 after the company, where I was their Director of Marketing, lost all of its funding and I in turn lost my job…while 8 months pregnant. I quickly had a crash course in the difficulties of getting a new gig while balancing motherhood. I had to make a decision of how I wanted to move forward in my life and how I wanted it structured. I made the decision that I was going to (and could) strike out on my own. I initially started with any small freelance project I could get to build up my portfolio. It was slow going at first but something really did click and I quickly began to rise to the top of many freelance sites like UpWork where I became a featured  Top Rated freelancer.

Soon I was able to be a bit more choosy about who I wanted to work with and decided to start bringing on team members to help me expand the level of expertise I was able to offer. I now and will always have a small team who are amazing at what they do.

I now love to pay it forward and help other women and moms who are looking for the same break I once did when I initially started out on my own. I’ve now had the opportunity to work on a Canon sponsored online series and clients who’s brands have gotten into Whole Foods or Petco; I truly wake up everyday and love what I do”.

-Sandra Young, CEO, Social Styles Marketing


About us

“Your social stylists: styling every aspect of your social presence. We communicate your “social style” which reflects who you are and what is important to you.”