The Best Free and Low-Cost DIY Logo Design Platforms

DIY Logo Design

DIY Logo Design

After writing your business plan and naming your business, a logo is an important step in giving your brand credibility and developing your company’s identity. It can be difficult and overwhelming to create a logo design which is meant to be permanent and the face of your company.

How can you possibly convey what your business stands for in a single image? Logo design costs (and quality) can also vary widely; for instance, the rebranding of BP’s logo cost 211,000,000

(I think it’s important to include all the zeros in that number; let that sink in) while Nike’s iconic swoosh cost $35. According to Simplio Web Studio, “In 1971, the co-founder of Nike, Phil Knight bought the Swoosh from Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student at the Portland State University, where Knight was teaching a class in accounting. When he bought the logo, Knight commented, “I don’t love it, but maybe it will grow on me.”

The example of Nike’s logo that obviously did “grow on” its co-founder and its legion of fans, shows that it is possible to produce a logo with limited resources. Online logo generator platforms have essentially become another version of the “Carolyn Davidson, graphic design student” as a option for startup businesses on a budget. They provide the potential for discovering a design that just might convey your business in visual form to the world. We decided to try out some of the top free logo design platforms for a startup lifestyle website in order to save you some time with our top picks. Click here to see some of our favorites:

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